About Us: Philanthropy

Over the past 30 successful years, IBK Capital Corp. has maintained its keen commitment to philanthropic endeavours.  As a proud benefactor, IBK Capital is pleased to exhibit its charitable ventures on our website homepage.  Upon entering IBK’s website, visitors are greeted with the spectacular views of institutions such as:

  •  A sunset view of Ivey Boardroom, Richard Ivey School of Business
  •  Nitobe Park, University of British Columbia
  •  Athletic Facility, Upper Canada College
  •  A night time view of the Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre, University of British Columbia

Below are the names of the institutions proudly supported by IBK Capital and the White Family.


Richard Ivey School of Business

Ivey Business School has earned an international reputation for its teaching, research excellence, and the high calibre of its students and faculty.  Such distinction would not be possible without the continued support of its benefactors.  As alumni of Ivey’s MBA Program, William F. White ’69 and his son Michael F. White ’00 have made a number of contributions to the school.  As the owner’s of IBK Capital Corp. they have been one of the lead sponsors of Ivey’s Leadership Forum.  IBK Capital Corp has participated annually in sponsoring the IBK Capital—Ivey Business Plan Competition for MBA students across North America for 10 years (1998-2018).


University of British Columbia, Wayne & William White Engineering Design Centre

At an alumni event in 2007, William and his twin brother Wayne were informed by Dean Michael Isaacson of UBC’s proposal to construct a new Engineering Design Centre on campus.  Because of their rewarding UBC Engineering education, the brothers felt this was an excellent opportunity to give back to the school.  Wayne and William believe UBC Engineering launched their careers in business and provided them with the success that made their gift to the Engineering Design Centre possible.

The Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre provides all students with a design studio, workshops and project rooms for classes and meetings.  The Centre is the pinnacle of curriculum changes across UBC Engineering—the building allows for hands-on engineering design, project-based learning, and collaborative problem-solving.

The Faculty of Applied Science has selected William F. White as one of our first recipients of the Dean’s Medal of Distinction on April 14, 2016.  The University established this Medal in celebration of UBC’s centennial to honour the many individuals who have contributed to their success as a Faculty.


Upper Canada College

With sons who are alumni of UCC, William believes strongly in supporting the preparatory school as it challenges boys to be open-minded, reflective learners through their academics and extra-curricular activities.  The White Family contributed to the new prep school building on UCC’s campus, to the new UCC hockey facility and on an annual basis contributes to the UCC Foundation.  Mike’s son and nephew currently attend UCC.


Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada

PDAC is an entity that exists to protect and promote the interests of the Canadian mineral exploration sector and ensure a robust mining industry in Canada.  The organization encourages the highest standards of technical, environmental, safety, and social practices in not only Canada, but also internationally.  Every year Toronto hosts the annual PDAC Convention that brings thousands of people in the mining sector into the city.  Since 2008, IBK Capital Corp. has been active in its support as a leading sponsor of the event.


Mining Matters

Mining Matters is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing knowledge and awareness about Canada’s geology and mineral resources to students, educators and the general public. The organization provides current information about rocks, minerals, metals, mining and the diverse career opportunities available in the minerals industry.  Upon the arrival of his grandchildren, William felt there was a need to better educate youth of the mining industry and all it has to offer.  Since 2007, IBK Capital has made an annual gift to Mining Matters.


King Bay Chaplaincy

KBC is a Christian-based counselling organization located at King & Bay in Toronto that acknowledges the specific stresses and pressures related to today’s work world.  The organization’s services are free of charge, and offered to anyone in need of comfort and counselling. IBK Capital was introduced to KBC by the late Chaplain, Reverend Bruce Smith.  The company has made contributions to KBC for over 12 years, and is a proud supporter of KBC’s Leadership and Character Breakfast series.


The Empire Club of Canada

Established in 1903, the Empire Club of Canada is recognized as one of Canada’s oldest and largest, more important speaker’s forum. Speakers are comprised of some of Canada’s most influential leaders from various professions, businesses, labour, education, government, and cultural organizations.  In addition to attending ECC speaker lunches, William is an ECC Director and annual donor to the ECC Foundation.   IBK Capital has sponsored speaker lunches over the past several years with special emphasis on the Annual Investment Outlook Luncheon event.


William & Gale White Family Centre for Spiritual Reflection, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Lobby, Toronto General Hospital

Christian values play an important role in the lives of several members of the IBK Capital’s Team.   The William & Gale White Family Centre for Spiritual Reflection opened up on Monday, August 30, 2010 on the main floor of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Lobby in the Toronto General Hospital as a result of a donation from William and his wife Gale.  The Chapel is a place for hospital patients, family and friends who seek spiritual reflection or simply a quiet space to pray.


St. Michael’s Hospital 

IBK Capital is recognized on the Donor Wall for its cumulated gifts at the Partners Level.  IBK Capital has participated in various fundraising efforts with St. Michael’s Hospital over the years.


Tyndale University

Tyndale is a multi-denominational, evangelical university college and seminary that prepares leaders for the ministry, working world, and global mission of the church.  Tyndale offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in a broad variety of disciplines and fully accredited programs.  William and Gale White have supported the purchase of Tyndale’s new campus on Bayview Avenue and have participated in a number of school fundraisers.


Scouts Canada

For over 100 years, this youth organization has combined outdoor adventure, experiences, friendships, and leadership lessons to Canada’s youth.  William cherishes many of his childhood scouting memories—he believes his experience with Scouts Canada has taught him countless life lessons.  Presently, William is a proud supporting member of the organization.  Every year, IBK Capital Corp sponsors and attends Scout Canada’s annual Haliburton Club Camp Breakfast.


St. Stephen’s University

Located in St. Stephen’s, New Brunswick, St. Stephen’s University believes strongly in its Christian core.  SSU’s development includes not only a higher education, but also personal growth and offers unique study abroad opportunities with each of their degree programs.  The late Norman Lea happens to be one of Bill’s most respected mentors—it was Norman who encouraged William to pursue engineering studies and introduced William to SSU.  For 7 years, William served as a SSU director to help the school achieve its university certification.  Furthermore, William and Mike White have donated money for the purchase of one of SSU’s new buildings.


The Peoples Church, Toronto

The Peoples Church, Toronto is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical church with solid Christian beliefs and values.  For over 43 years, William and his wife, Gale, have been members of The Peoples Church, Toronto.  William was former Chairman of the Board of Directors and president of the Peoples Church, Toronto from 1995-2002.


Greater Europe Mission

Greater Europe Mission exists to spread the Gospel’s teachings throughout Europe.  IBK Capital became involved in Greater Europe Mission as an annual supporter through the Peoples Church.  William has served as Chairman of the Board for 10 years, and Director of the Greater Europe Mission Canada Counsel for 18 years.


Havergal College 

Founded in 1894, Havergal College is a preparatory school for young women.  The school provides young ladies with an exceptional education that encourages curiosity and embraces community.  Today, all five of Bill’s granddaughters attend the school.  Over the years, Bill and Gale White, Mike White, and Vivien Clubb have participated in several Havergal Fundraisers, including the Havergal College Foundation.


Hawthorn School for Girls

Established in 1989, the Hawthorn School for Girls exists to educate both the intellect and the will of each student, placing heavy emphasis on academic excellence and good character in educating its students.  Mike White was a Director at Hawthorn for several years and participated in a number of Hawthorn fundraisers, including annual gifts to the Hawthorn Annual Fund.


Kreative Ventures, Providential Pictures Inc, & Paws and Tales Animated Series

Kreative Ventures is a publishing company that is 100% owned by William and Gale White.  Vivien Clubb is the President and Director of Providential Pictures.  Kreative Ventures owns Providential Pictures, which is a faith-based film company created to communicate sound biblical values through media productions that are family friendly, educational and entertaining.

Providential Pictures produced the children’s animated series called, Paws & Tales.  In 2001, Providential Pictures produced the first animated video series of the popular weekly children’s radio drama Paws & Tales created by David Carl and originally based on a book by Chuck Swindoll.  Providential Pictures completed 26 episodes that are currently aired on global television operated by Trinity Broadcasting Network.  Worldwide, over one billion people are now able to watch Paws & Tales via satellite, cable, and online (www.pawsandtalesgames.com).


Barry Moore Ministries

Established in 1960, Barry Moore Ministries Inc. is an inter-denominational Christian ministry focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  William was the Chairman and a Director of Barry Moore Ministries Inc. for many years, which has a legacy partnership with Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta.  Ambrose officially launched the Barry Moore Chair of Preaching and Evangelism on October 2, 2012.  Barry Moore has celebrated more than 50 years of global ministry.